Composites are mostly used where conventional parts needed a beneficial replacement. The composite industry has recognized to produce high- quality, durable and cost-effective products. One of the most popular composite manufacturing method is filament winding. The method is used in different industries from automotive to oil and gas applications.

Fiber Material

When it comes to material selection, it is crucial to decide the material type to be used. Fiber types help to determine the fundamental properties of the composite products. Basically, the range of the typical properties of the fibers are roughly known, thus it is helpful to consider whether material can…

Booms can be defined as arms or cylinder-shaped long pipes. They are mostly used in aerial vehicles as a telescopic arm for multiple applications. For example; load carriage systems, fire-fighting vehicle; cement carrier etc.

Composite Effect

Conventional boom parts are usually made from steel because of its strength. However, when the popularity and advantages of the composite materials are considered, steel booms can be easily replaced by composite booms. In fact, this replacement gives advantages from weight to fuel consumption.

Composite materials make booms lightweight and strong. Plus, due to the reduced weight, vehicles which carry boom systems require low fuel and…

Space explorations and researches are increasing rapidly. Efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of rocket bodies become competitive in the space industry. Aerospace companies are looking for a way to reduce cost and maximize thrust in order to get high thrust for their rockets. Composite materials pave the way for this problem.

Composite Body

The primary requirements of the rocket bodies are weight and mechanical stiffness. These can be provided with different composite materials but carbon fiber of course comes to mind first. Carbon fiber is an important advantage for this industry because it offers high stiffness and low weight at the…

Composite materials have a huge impact on almost every industry. One of them is the oil and gas sector. Drill pipes are mostly used for drilling and extracting applications for oil. Generally, pressure resistance and drilling capabilities are high for these types of pipes. Therefore, the industry requires high strength and capable solutions for the pipe.

Composite Solution

At first glance, using composite material for the drilling pipe can be seen easily because of the pipe geometry. However, they must be as strong as or even stronger than steel ones because of the drilling impact of the structural mechanism. Drilling…

Marine standards require high material property as well as reliable and standardized product quality. This makes using composite products in the marine industry hard because of the reliability. Therefore, composite products to be used in the boats, ships or yachts must meet the requirements of international marine standards depending on the vehicle type.

Composite Masts

Composite masts are an effective solution for the marine industry by reducing weight and therefore fuel consumption. Carbon fiber masts can be convenient for the marine industry standards with proper manufacturing and strength.

Due to their long length, manufacturing and providing high strength can be…

Insulation parts are important tools for the systems containing electricity and the human hand. Operators must be careful of electricity leaks and conductivity in the industries. To prevent people from risks and disasters materials must be chosen carefully to work safely.

Insulation Materials

Conductivity depends on the material properties and relations with it. In such an industry, special materials with high electrical conductivity used as isolation parts.

Metallic parts such as steel and aluminum can not be used directly in electrical systems because of the high conductive properties. Therefore, they are isolated with a low conductive material to prevent reaction…

Bicycles appear to be the most popular market for composites used in the recreation and sports category. Regarding the low weight, carbon fiber is an attractive alternative for bicycles to provide high strength additionally. With these properties, it is commonly used in the bike industry and we see it in almost everything from frames down to brake levers.

Manufacturing Carbon Fiber Bikes

The higher the treatment, the better the carbon; the stronger the carbon allows the use of less material that allows decreasing the weight. Different methods are used for this application. Referencing the main structural element, frames, most of…

Filament winding, one of the oldest composite manufacturing processes, was used to manufacture composite tubes simply. One of the easiest methods for filament winding is manufacturing cylindrical-shaped tubes. Tubes can be used for many applications for example as a rocket body, system support unit, connection line. In addition to the cylindrical tubes, products with a constant cross-section over length are also easy to manufacture. The only difference simply occurs in the mandrel to adapt adequate cross-section of the part.

Composite Tubes

Composite materials provide high strength to the tubes for different applications. Required strength and weight properties change depending on…

Shafts are key parts of many systems and very popular parts for many industries. From automotive to aerospace industries, shafts are mostly used to transmit rotational motion between two components. In the automotive industry, drive shafts used to transfer power from the differential to the wheel of the vehicle, and for each driving wheel, there is a shaft.

Conventional Metal Shafts

Depending on the torque and strength characteristic, steel and aluminum shafts are mostly preferred in most applications. However, steel shafts can make automotive systems very heavy and thus very fuel-consuming. …

Composite pressure vessels have been used extensively for storing compressed natural gas such as hydrogen. In today’s aerospace and water industries highly benefit from composite pressure vessels. Manufacturing it from composite material found wide use in modern engineering and made it so popular in many applications.

Where are they used?

Reports of recent years show that composite pressure vessel is becoming the fastest growing market for advanced composites, particularly for carbon fibre composites. However, they are organized into five categories that can be used as a reinforcement for metal pressure vessels. …

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