Filament Winding Mandrel Extractor

What is an extractor?

In the filament winding process, fibers are wound on the surface of the mandrel and at the end of the process, the composite part needs to be extracted from the mandrel to obtain the necessary composite part.

When it is used?

Extractors are used in the last steps of manufacturing with different mechanisms to separate the composite parts and the mandrel. After the curing process, the composite part is taken out from the oven with the mandrel inside. Depending on the material of the mandrel and application, the extractor mechanism need to be designed carefully to prevent damage to the composite part.

Importance of the Extractor

Extractor mechanisms are significant to carry out the extraction process properly. The mechanism must be designed to work conveniently as the fiber continuity and mechanical performance plays a significant role.

The extractor mechanism generally works by holding the mandrel or composite part fixed position and pulling the other part with the motor.To ensure full performance in the extraction process, some coatings can be applied to the mandrel before the winding process in order to provide accurate and easy extraction.