One of the most important parts of the filament winding process is, of course, pattern also described as orientations of the placed fibres. Since orientation affects the mechanical properties, optimum fibre orientation must be selected for effective manufacturing.

Creating the appropriate pattern provide minimized thickness and optimum properties which also significantly gives an advantage for the material cost.

Ensuring the optimum fiber orientation generally requires proper analysis and algorithm. This can require either a finite element analysis and experience with composite materials. …

What is an extractor?

In the filament winding process, fibers are wound on the surface of the mandrel and at the end of the process, the composite part needs to be extracted from the mandrel to obtain the necessary composite part.

When it is used?

Extractors are used in the last steps of manufacturing with different mechanisms to separate the composite parts and the mandrel. After the curing process, the composite part is taken out from the oven with the mandrel inside. …

The composite usage in the automotive industry continues to increase with the developing technology. Since electrical automotive technology is becoming popular, composite materials are beneficial to replace metal parts for the new electric cars.


One of the biggest concerns of the automotive industry is fuel consumption and therefore weight. For this reason, composite materials, especially carbon fiber, come up with a significant solution. With the low weight and high strength composite materials. Carbon fiber provides approximately %40 lighter weight than aluminum and thus offers more efficient vehicles in terms of fuel consumption.


The automotive industry develops with the…

Advantages provided by composite materials are rapidly increasing day by day. Besides this raise, the usage sectors are also diversifying. Composite materials have appeared in several different sectors for years and the construction industry one of the main application areas for composite materials.

High Strength

One of the main benefits of composite parts is that composites can easily provide high strength and low weight at the same time. Therefore, usage of the composite materials over structural parts can be effective for cost and material saving. …

Marine standards require high material property as well as reliable and standardized product quality. Because of this, the use of composite materials in the marine industry is not easy. As a result, depending on the vehicle type, composite materials used in vessels, ships, or yachts must meet the specifications of international maritime standards.


The most known benefit of composite material is of course their weight. Composite materials can provide about half of the weight saving for the replaced metal parts. Regarding this advantage, reduced weight can provide a huge fuel saving and more cargo capacity, especially for cargo ships…

Composite materials are particularly inspiring for aviation and aerospace applications because of their excellent strength and stiffness-to-weight ratios, as well as superior mechanical properties. The revolutionary material combination of carbon fibers and polymer resins has been used extensively in programs such as the Boeing 787, the Airbus A350, and others.

Aluminum was primarily used in the aerospace industry to construct aerospace vehicles. Carbon fiber has enough good properties to make the aerospace industry more efficient.


One of the biggest concerns of the aerospace industry is fuel consumption and therefore weight. Carbon fiber comes up with low weight and high…

The most known and used composite parts are pipes of course. More specifically, glass fibers also called GRP pipes are used in the industry for many applications. Some of the industries that mostly use composite pipes are oil and gas, construction to carry materials or systems in composite pipes.

Composite Pipes

Depending on the application, composite materials provide different capabilities to the pipes for different applications. Required isolation, mechanical properties, or reduced weight can be easily adapted to the system with composite pipes. …

Demand for composite materials is increasing with the developing technologies and manufacturing capability. Composite materials started to replace natural products with their enhanced properties. Regarding this situation, manufacturing methods of composite products need to be fast and convenient for the industry requirements.

Two different manufacturing methods are compared in this article to evaluate what kind of distinguishment they have. In general, filament winding is the newer method for composite manufacturing, and it is developed with new technology. However, the hand-lay-up method is one of the oldest composite manufacturing methods and it is still used for many applications.

Material Quality


They are both composite materials in basic, but it can be confusing to select which is convenient for the application. Like other material groups such as metals, they have different characteristics and usage areas. Therefore, for the quick answer, it depends on the application and your requirement. We can compare them under some main subjects.


Carbon fiber stands out in terms of tensile strength. It is just significantly stronger than fiberglass when considered as raw fiber, but when mixed with the appropriate resin, it becomes extremely strong. Moreover, when properly manufactured, carbon fiber can be stronger than many metals…

Composite usage in almost all industries is rapidly increasing depending on the new developments in composite materials technology in the last decades. With these developments, the market share of composite materials in the industries attracts significant attention for the future. Furthermore, It is also thought that composite materials will replace steel and most of its derivatives in the coming years because of the benefits of composite materials.

What makes composites replace over steel?

As the definition of composite materials implies, composite materials formed from two or more separate materials to achieve increased material properties and characteristics in the desired area…

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